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ipe::PdfDict Class Reference

#include <ipepdfparser.h>

Inherits ipe::PdfObj.

Public Member Functions

 PdfDict ()
 ~PdfDict ()
virtual const PdfDictdict () const noexcept
String dictRepr () const noexcept
void dictWrite (Stream &stream, const PdfRenumber *renumber, bool inflate, int length) const noexcept
virtual void write (Stream &stream, const PdfRenumber *renumber, bool inflate) const noexcept
void setStream (const Buffer &stream)
void add (String key, const PdfObj *obj)
const PdfObjget (String key, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
const PdfDictgetDict (String key, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
const PdfArraygetArray (String key, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
String getName (String key, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
bool getNumber (String key, double &val, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
int getInteger (String key, const PdfFile *file=nullptr) const noexcept
bool getNumberArray (String key, const PdfFile *file, std::vector< double > &vals) const noexcept
int count () const noexcept
String key (int index) const noexcept
const PdfObjvalue (int index) const noexcept
Buffer stream () const noexcept
bool deflated () const noexcept
Buffer inflate () const noexcept
void setLateStream (int pos) noexcept
int lateStream () const noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::PdfObj
virtual ~PdfObj ()=0
virtual const PdfNullnull () const noexcept
virtual const PdfBoolboolean () const noexcept
virtual const PdfNumbernumber () const noexcept
virtual const PdfStringstring () const noexcept
virtual const PdfNamename () const noexcept
virtual const PdfRefref () const noexcept
virtual const PdfArrayarray () const noexcept
String repr () const noexcept

Detailed Description

The PDF dictionary and stream objects.

A dictionary may or may not have attached stream data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PdfDict()

ipe::PdfDict::PdfDict ( )

◆ ~PdfDict()

PdfDict::~PdfDict ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dict()

const PdfDict * PdfDict::dict ( ) const

Return this object as PDF dictionary object.

Reimplemented from ipe::PdfObj.

◆ dictRepr()

String PdfDict::dictRepr ( ) const

Return PDF representation of the PdfDict without the stream.

References dictWrite(), and ipe::Buffer::size().

◆ dictWrite()

void PdfDict::dictWrite ( Stream stream,
const PdfRenumber renumber,
bool  inflate,
int  length 
) const

Referenced by dictRepr().

◆ write()

void PdfDict::write ( Stream stream,
const PdfRenumber renumber,
bool  inflate 
) const

Implements ipe::PdfObj.

References ipe::Buffer::size().

◆ setStream()

void PdfDict::setStream ( const Buffer stream)

Add stream data to this dictionary.

References stream().

◆ add()

void PdfDict::add ( String  key,
const PdfObj obj 

Add a (key, value) pair to the dictionary.

Dictionary takes ownership of obj.

References key().

◆ get()

const PdfObj * PdfDict::get ( String  key,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Look up key in dictionary.

Indirect objects (references) are looked up if file is not nullptr, and the object referred to is returned. Returns nullptr if key is not in dictionary.

Referenced by ipe::PdfResources::collect(), deflated(), ipe::Latex::readPdf(), ipe::PdfThumbnail::render(), and ipe::PdfViewBase::setPage().

◆ getDict()

const PdfDict * PdfDict::getDict ( String  key,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Look up key and return if it is a dictionary.

References ipe::PdfObj::dict().

◆ getArray()

const PdfArray * PdfDict::getArray ( String  key,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Look up key and return if it is an array.

References ipe::PdfObj::array().

◆ getName()

String PdfDict::getName ( String  key,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Look up key and return its value if it is a /Name, otherwise return empty string.

References ipe::PdfObj::name(), and ipe::PdfName::value().

◆ getNumber()

bool PdfDict::getNumber ( String  key,
double &  val,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Retrieve a single number and stor in val.

References ipe::PdfObj::number(), and ipe::PdfNumber::value().

◆ getInteger()

int PdfDict::getInteger ( String  key,
const PdfFile file = nullptr 
) const

Retrieve a single integer.

Returns -1 on failure.

◆ getNumberArray()

bool PdfDict::getNumberArray ( String  key,
const PdfFile file,
std::vector< double > &  vals 
) const

Retrieve an array of numbers and store in vals.

References ipe::PdfObj::array(), ipe::PdfObj::number(), ipe::PdfArray::obj(), and ipe::PdfNumber::value().

Referenced by ipe::PdfFile::mediaBox().

◆ count()

int ipe::PdfDict::count ( ) const

◆ key()

String ipe::PdfDict::key ( int  index) const

◆ value()

const PdfObj* ipe::PdfDict::value ( int  index) const

◆ stream()

Buffer ipe::PdfDict::stream ( ) const

Referenced by setStream().

◆ deflated()

bool PdfDict::deflated ( ) const

Is this stream compressed with flate compression?

References ipe::PdfObj::array(), ipe::PdfArray::count(), get(), ipe::PdfObj::name(), ipe::PdfArray::obj(), and ipe::PdfName::value().

Referenced by inflate().

◆ inflate()

Buffer PdfDict::inflate ( ) const

Return the (uncompressed) stream data.

This only handles the /Flate compression.

References ipe::String::data(), deflated(), ipe::InflateSource::getChar(), ipe::String::size(), and ipe::Buffer::size().

◆ setLateStream()

void ipe::PdfDict::setLateStream ( int  pos)

◆ lateStream()

int ipe::PdfDict::lateStream ( ) const

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