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ipe::PdfFile Class Reference

#include <ipepdfparser.h>

Public Member Functions

bool parse (DataSource &source)
const PdfObjobject (int num) const noexcept
const PdfDictcatalog () const noexcept
const PdfDictpage (int pno=0) const noexcept
std::unique_ptr< const PdfObjtake (int num)
int countPages () const
Rect mediaBox (const PdfDict *page) const
int findPageFromPageObjectNumber (int objNum) const

Detailed Description

All information obtained by parsing a PDF file.

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

bool PdfFile::parse ( DataSource source)

◆ object()

const PdfObj * PdfFile::object ( int  num) const

Return object with number num.

◆ catalog()

const PdfDict * PdfFile::catalog ( ) const

Return root catalog of PDF file.

References ipe::PdfObj::dict().

◆ page()

const PdfDict * PdfFile::page ( int  pno = 0) const

Return a page of the document.

Referenced by ipe::PdfThumbnail::PdfThumbnail(), and ipe::Latex::readPdf().

◆ take()

std::unique_ptr< const PdfObj > PdfFile::take ( int  num)

Take ownership of object with number num, remove from PdfFile.

◆ countPages()

int ipe::PdfFile::countPages ( ) const

Return number of pages.

Referenced by ipe::PdfThumbnail::PdfThumbnail().

◆ mediaBox()

Rect PdfFile::mediaBox ( const PdfDict page) const

◆ findPageFromPageObjectNumber()

int PdfFile::findPageFromPageObjectNumber ( int  objNum) const

Return page number given the PDF object number.

Returns -1 if the object number is not a page.

References ipe::size().

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