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ipe::PdfResources Class Reference

#include <iperesources.h>

Inherits ipe::PdfResourceBase.


struct  SPageNumber

Public Member Functions

 PdfResources ()
virtual ~PdfResources ()=default
bool collect (const PdfDict *resources, PdfFile *file)
virtual const PdfObjobject (int num) const noexcept
virtual const PdfDictbaseResources () const noexcept
void addPageNumber (SPageNumber &pn) noexcept
const TextpageNumber (int page, int view) const noexcept
const std::vector< int > & embedSequence () const noexcept
void show () const noexcept
bool isIpeXForm (int num) const
void setIpeXForm (int num)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::PdfResourceBase
 PdfResourceBase ()
virtual ~PdfResourceBase ()
const PdfObjgetDeep (const PdfDict *d, String key) const noexcept
const PdfDictgetDict (const PdfDict *d, String key) const noexcept
const PdfDictresourcesOfKind (String kind) const noexcept
const PdfDictfindResource (String kind, String name) const noexcept
const PdfDictfindResource (const PdfDict *xf, String kind, String name) const noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ipe::PdfResourceBase
std::unique_ptr< PdfDictiPageResources

Detailed Description

All the resources needed by the text objects in the document.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PdfResources()

PdfResources::PdfResources ( )

◆ ~PdfResources()

virtual ipe::PdfResources::~PdfResources ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ collect()

bool PdfResources::collect ( const PdfDict resources,
PdfFile file 

Collect (recursively) all the given resources (of the one latex page). Takes ownership of all the scanned objects.

References ipe::PdfDict::count(), ipe::PdfObj::dict(), ipe::PdfDict::get(), ipe::PdfResourceBase::iPageResources, ipe::PdfDict::key(), ipe::PdfDict::value(), and ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Latex::readPdf().

◆ object()

const PdfObj * PdfResources::object ( int  num) const

Implements ipe::PdfResourceBase.

◆ baseResources()

const PdfDict * PdfResources::baseResources ( ) const

◆ addPageNumber()

void PdfResources::addPageNumber ( SPageNumber pn)

◆ pageNumber()

const Text * PdfResources::pageNumber ( int  page,
int  view 
) const

◆ embedSequence()

const std::vector<int>& ipe::PdfResources::embedSequence ( ) const

◆ show()

void PdfResources::show ( ) const

◆ isIpeXForm()

bool PdfResources::isIpeXForm ( int  num) const

◆ setIpeXForm()

void PdfResources::setIpeXForm ( int  num)

Referenced by ipe::Latex::readPdf().

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