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ipe::PsPainter Class Reference

#include <ipepswriter.h>

Inherits ipe::PdfPainter.

Public Member Functions

 PsPainter (const Cascade *style, Stream &stream)
 ~PsPainter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::PdfPainter
 PdfPainter (const Cascade *style, Stream &stream)
virtual ~PdfPainter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::Painter
 Painter (const Cascade *style)
virtual ~Painter ()
void setAttributeMap (const AttributeMap *map)
Attribute lookup (Kind kind, Attribute sym) const
void transform (const Matrix &m)
void untransform (TTransformations trans)
void translate (const Vector &v)
void push ()
void pop ()
void pushMatrix ()
void popMatrix ()
void newPath ()
void moveTo (const Vector &v)
void lineTo (const Vector &v)
void curveTo (const Vector &v1, const Vector &v2, const Vector &v3)
void curveTo (const Bezier &bezier)
void rect (const Rect &re)
void drawEllipse ()
void drawArc (const Arc &arc)
void closePath ()
void drawPath (TPathMode mode)
void drawBitmap (Bitmap bitmap)
void drawText (const Text *text)
void drawSymbol (Attribute symbol)
void addClipPath ()
void setStroke (Attribute color)
void setFill (Attribute color)
void setPen (Attribute pen)
void setDashStyle (Attribute dash)
void setLineCap (TLineCap cap)
void setLineJoin (TLineJoin join)
void setFillRule (TFillRule rule)
void setSymStroke (Attribute color)
void setSymFill (Attribute color)
void setSymPen (Attribute wid)
void setOpacity (Attribute opaq)
void setStrokeOpacity (Attribute opaq)
void setTiling (Attribute til)
void setGradient (Attribute grad)
const Cascadecascade () const
Color stroke () const
Color fill () const
const Matrixmatrix () const
Fixed pen () const
String dashStyle () const
void dashStyle (std::vector< double > &dashes, double &offset) const
TLineCap lineCap () const
TLineJoin lineJoin () const
TFillRule fillRule () const
Color symStroke () const
Color symFill () const
Fixed symPen () const
Fixed opacity () const
Fixed strokeOpacity () const
Attribute tiling () const
Attribute gradient () const
const Statestate () const
void setState (const State &state)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void doNewPath ()
virtual void doDrawPath (TPathMode mode)
virtual void doDrawBitmap (Bitmap bitmap)
virtual void doAddClipPath ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ipe::PdfPainter
virtual void doPush ()
virtual void doPop ()
virtual void doMoveTo (const Vector &v)
virtual void doLineTo (const Vector &v)
virtual void doCurveTo (const Vector &v1, const Vector &v2, const Vector &v3)
virtual void doClosePath ()
virtual void doDrawText (const Text *text)
virtual void doDrawSymbol (Attribute symbol)
void drawAttributes ()
void drawOpacity (bool withStroke)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ipe::Painter
virtual void doDrawArc (const Arc &arc)
void drawArcAsBezier (double alpha)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::PdfPainter
static void drawColor (Stream &stream, Color color, const char *gray, const char *rgb)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ipe::PdfPainter
std::list< StateiActiveState
- Protected Attributes inherited from ipe::Painter
std::list< StateiState
std::list< MatrixiMatrix
const CascadeiCascade
const AttributeMapiAttributeMap
int iInPath

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PsPainter()

ipe::PsPainter::PsPainter ( const Cascade style,
Stream stream 

◆ ~PsPainter()

ipe::PsPainter::~PsPainter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ doNewPath()

virtual void ipe::PsPainter::doNewPath ( )

Perform new path operator.

Reimplemented from ipe::PdfPainter.

◆ doDrawPath()

virtual void ipe::PsPainter::doDrawPath ( TPathMode  mode)

Actually draw the path.

Reimplemented from ipe::PdfPainter.

◆ doDrawBitmap()

virtual void ipe::PsPainter::doDrawBitmap ( Bitmap  bitmap)

Draw a bitmap.

Reimplemented from ipe::PdfPainter.

◆ doAddClipPath()

virtual void ipe::PsPainter::doAddClipPath ( )

Add a clip path.

Reimplemented from ipe::PdfPainter.

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