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ipe::Painter::State Struct Reference

#include <ipepainter.h>

Public Attributes

Color iStroke
Color iFill
Fixed iPen
String iDashStyle
TLineCap iLineCap
TLineJoin iLineJoin
TFillRule iFillRule
Color iSymStroke
Color iSymFill
Fixed iSymPen
Fixed iOpacity
Fixed iStrokeOpacity
Attribute iTiling
Attribute iGradient

Member Data Documentation

◆ iStroke

Color ipe::Painter::State::iStroke

◆ iFill

Color ipe::Painter::State::iFill

◆ iPen

Fixed ipe::Painter::State::iPen

◆ iDashStyle

String ipe::Painter::State::iDashStyle

◆ iLineCap

TLineCap ipe::Painter::State::iLineCap

◆ iLineJoin

TLineJoin ipe::Painter::State::iLineJoin

◆ iFillRule

TFillRule ipe::Painter::State::iFillRule

Referenced by ipe::Painter::Painter().

◆ iSymStroke

Color ipe::Painter::State::iSymStroke

Referenced by ipe::Painter::Painter().

◆ iSymFill

Color ipe::Painter::State::iSymFill

Referenced by ipe::Painter::Painter().

◆ iSymPen

Fixed ipe::Painter::State::iSymPen

Referenced by ipe::Painter::Painter().

◆ iOpacity

Fixed ipe::Painter::State::iOpacity

◆ iStrokeOpacity

Fixed ipe::Painter::State::iStrokeOpacity

◆ iTiling

Attribute ipe::Painter::State::iTiling

◆ iGradient

Attribute ipe::Painter::State::iGradient

Referenced by ipe::Painter::Painter().

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