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ipe::Cascade Class Reference

#include <ipestyle.h>

Public Member Functions

 Cascade ()
 Cascade (const Cascade &rhs)
Cascadeoperator= (const Cascade &rhs)
 ~Cascade ()
int count () const
StyleSheetsheet (int index)
const StyleSheetsheet (int index) const
void insert (int index, StyleSheet *sheet)
void remove (int index)
void saveAsXml (Stream &stream) const
bool has (Kind kind, Attribute sym) const
Attribute find (Kind, Attribute sym) const
const SymbolfindSymbol (Attribute sym) const
const GradientfindGradient (Attribute sym) const
const TilingfindTiling (Attribute sym) const
const EffectfindEffect (Attribute sym) const
const LayoutfindLayout () const
const TextPaddingfindTextPadding () const
const StyleSheet::TitleStylefindTitleStyle () const
const StyleSheet::PageNumberStylefindPageNumberStyle () const
String findPreamble () const
TLineCap lineCap () const
TLineJoin lineJoin () const
TFillRule fillRule () const
void allNames (Kind kind, AttributeSeq &seq) const
int findDefinition (Kind kind, Attribute sym) const

Detailed Description

A cascade of style sheets.

The StyleSheets of a document cascade in the sense that a document can refer to several StyleSheets, which are arranged in a stack. A lookup is done from top to bottom, and returns as soon as a match is found. Ipe always appends the built-in "standard" style sheet at the bottom of the cascade.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Cascade() [1/2]

Cascade::Cascade ( )

Create an empty cascade.

This does not add the standard style sheet.

◆ Cascade() [2/2]

Cascade::Cascade ( const Cascade rhs)

Copy constructor.

References count().

◆ ~Cascade()

Cascade::~Cascade ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

Cascade & Cascade::operator= ( const Cascade rhs)

Assignment operator.

References count().

◆ count()

int ipe::Cascade::count ( ) const

◆ sheet() [1/2]

StyleSheet* ipe::Cascade::sheet ( int  index)

Return StyleSheet at index.

Referenced by insert().

◆ sheet() [2/2]

const StyleSheet* ipe::Cascade::sheet ( int  index) const

Return StyleSheet at index.

◆ insert()

void Cascade::insert ( int  index,
StyleSheet sheet 

Insert a style sheet into the cascade.

Takes ownership of sheet.

References sheet().

Referenced by ipe::Document::Document(), and ipe::ImlParser::parseDocument().

◆ remove()

void Cascade::remove ( int  index)

Remove a style sheet from the cascade.

The old sheet is deleted.

◆ saveAsXml()

void Cascade::saveAsXml ( Stream stream) const

References count().

Referenced by ipe::Document::saveAsXml().

◆ has()

bool Cascade::has ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 
) const

References count().

Referenced by allNames(), and findDefinition().

◆ find()

Attribute Cascade::find ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 
) const

◆ findSymbol()

const Symbol * Cascade::findSymbol ( Attribute  sym) const

◆ findGradient()

const Gradient * Cascade::findGradient ( Attribute  sym) const

◆ findTiling()

const Tiling * Cascade::findTiling ( Attribute  sym) const

◆ findEffect()

const Effect * Cascade::findEffect ( Attribute  sym) const

References count().

Referenced by ipe::PdfWriter::createPageView().

◆ findLayout()

const Layout * Cascade::findLayout ( ) const

◆ findTextPadding()

const TextPadding * Cascade::findTextPadding ( ) const

Find text padding (for text bbox computation).

References count().

Referenced by ipe::BBoxPainter::doDrawText().

◆ findTitleStyle()

const StyleSheet::TitleStyle * Cascade::findTitleStyle ( ) const

Get style of page titles (or 0 if none defined).

References count().

Referenced by ipe::Page::applyTitleStyle().

◆ findPageNumberStyle()

const StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle * Cascade::findPageNumberStyle ( ) const

Return style of page numbering (or 0 if none defined).

References count().

Referenced by ipe::Latex::addPageNumber().

◆ findPreamble()

String Cascade::findPreamble ( ) const

Return total LaTeX preamble (of the whole cascade).

References count().

Referenced by ipe::Latex::createLatexSource().

◆ lineCap()

TLineCap Cascade::lineCap ( ) const

◆ lineJoin()

TLineJoin Cascade::lineJoin ( ) const

◆ fillRule()

TFillRule Cascade::fillRule ( ) const

◆ allNames()

void Cascade::allNames ( Kind  kind,
AttributeSeq seq 
) const

◆ findDefinition()

int Cascade::findDefinition ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 
) const

Find stylesheet defining the attribute.

This method goes through the cascade looking for a definition of the symbolic attribute sym. It returns the index of the stylesheet defining the attribute, or -1 if the attribute is not defined.

The method panics if sym is not symbolic. It also works for ESymbol, EGradient, ETiling, and EEffect.

References count(), has(), and ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic().

Referenced by ipe::Object::checkSymbol().

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