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ipe::Vector Class Reference

#include <ipegeo.h>

Public Member Functions

 Vector ()
 Vector (Angle alpha)
 Vector (double x0, double y0)
double sqLen () const
double len () const
Angle angle () const
Vector normalized () const
Vector orthogonal () const
double factorize (Vector &unit) const
bool snap (const Vector &mouse, Vector &pos, double &bound) const
bool operator== (const Vector &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const Vector &rhs) const
void operator+= (const Vector &rhs)
void operator-= (const Vector &rhs)
void operator*= (double rhs)
Vector operator+ (const Vector &rhs) const
Vector operator- (const Vector &rhs) const
Vector operator* (double rhs) const
Vector operator- () const

Public Attributes

double x
double y

Static Public Attributes

static Vector ZERO = Vector(0.0, 0.0)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Streamoperator<< (Stream &stream, const Vector &rhs)
Vector operator* (double lhs, const Vector &rhs)
double dot (const Vector &lhs, const Vector &rhs)

Detailed Description

Two-dimensional vector.

Unlike some other libraries, I don't make a difference between points and vectors.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vector() [1/3]

ipe::Vector::Vector ( )

Uninitialized vector.

Referenced by factorize(), normalized(), and orthogonal().

◆ Vector() [2/3]

Vector::Vector ( Angle  alpha)

Construct a unit vector with this direction.

References x, and y.

◆ Vector() [3/3]

ipe::Vector::Vector ( double  x0,
double  y0 

Construct a vector.

Member Function Documentation

◆ sqLen()

double ipe::Vector::sqLen ( ) const

Return square of Euclidean length.

Return square of vector's length.

References x, and y.

Referenced by ipe::TransformTool::compute(), factorize(), len(), ipe::Line::Line(), normalized(), and ipe::Snap::snap().

◆ len()

double Vector::len ( ) const

◆ angle()

Angle Vector::angle ( ) const

Return angle of the vector (with positive x-direction).

The returned angle lies between -pi and +pi. Returns zero for the zero vector.

References x, and y.

Referenced by ipe::TransformTool::compute(), ipe::Arc::distance(), ipe::Snap::getLine(), ipe::Arc::intersect(), and ipe::Snap::setEdge().

◆ normalized()

Vector Vector::normalized ( ) const

Return this vector normalized (with length one).

Normalizing the zero vector returns the vector (1,0).

References len(), sqLen(), and Vector().

Referenced by ipe::Arc::distance().

◆ orthogonal()

Vector Vector::orthogonal ( ) const

Return this vector turned 90 degrees to the left.

References Vector(), x, and y.

◆ factorize()

double Vector::factorize ( Vector unit) const

Normalizes this vector into unit and returns length. If this is the zero vector, unit is set to (1,0).

References len(), sqLen(), and Vector().

Referenced by ipe::Segment::distance(), and ipe::Segment::project().

◆ snap()

bool Vector::snap ( const Vector mouse,
Vector pos,
double &  bound 
) const

Snap to nearby vertex.

If distance between mouse and this vector is less than bound, set pos to this vector and bound to the distance, and return true.

References len().

Referenced by ipe::Segment::snap(), ipe::Bezier::snap(), and ipe::CanvasBase::snapToPaperAndFrame().

◆ operator==()

bool ipe::Vector::operator== ( const Vector rhs) const


References x, and y.

◆ operator!=()

bool ipe::Vector::operator!= ( const Vector rhs) const


References x, and y.

◆ operator+=()

void ipe::Vector::operator+= ( const Vector rhs)


References x, and y.

◆ operator-=()

void ipe::Vector::operator-= ( const Vector rhs)


References x, and y.

◆ operator*=()

void ipe::Vector::operator*= ( double  rhs)

Multiply vector by scalar.

References x, and y.

◆ operator+()

Vector ipe::Vector::operator+ ( const Vector rhs) const


◆ operator-() [1/2]

Vector ipe::Vector::operator- ( const Vector rhs) const


◆ operator*()

Vector ipe::Vector::operator* ( double  rhs) const

Vector * scalar.

◆ operator-() [2/2]

Vector ipe::Vector::operator- ( ) const

Unary minus for Vector.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

Stream & operator<< ( Stream stream,
const Vector rhs 

◆ operator*()

Vector operator* ( double  lhs,
const Vector rhs 

Scalar * vector.

References x, and y.

◆ dot()

double dot ( const Vector lhs,
const Vector rhs 

Dotproduct of two vectors.

References x, and y.

Member Data Documentation


Vector Vector::ZERO = Vector(0.0, 0.0)

◆ x

double ipe::Vector::x

Coordinates are public.

Referenced by ipe::Rect::addPoint(), ipe::Rect::addRect(), ipe::Text::align(), angle(), ipe::Rect::bottomRight(), ipe::Rect::certainClearance(), ipe::Rect::clear(), ipe::Rect::clipTo(), ipe::TransformTool::compute(), ipe::CanvasBase::computeFifi(), ipe::Rect::contains(), ipe::CanvasBase::devToUser(), ipe::PdfViewBase::devToUser(), ipe::CairoPainter::doCurveTo(), ipe::CairoPainter::doDrawPath(), ipe::CairoPainter::doDrawText(), ipe::CairoPainter::doLineTo(), ipe::CairoPainter::doMoveTo(), dot(), ipe::SelectTool::draw(), ipe::Image::draw(), ipe::CanvasBase::drawAxes(), ipe::CanvasBase::drawFrame(), ipe::CanvasBase::drawGrid(), ipe::CanvasBase::drawObjects(), ipe::CanvasBase::drawPaper(), ipe::Rect::intersects(), ipe::Rect::isEmpty(), ipe::Layout::isNull(), ipe::Layout::Layout(), ipe::Rect::left(), ipe::Matrix::Matrix(), ipe::SelectTool::mouseButton(), ipe::Line::normal(), operator!=(), ipe::Linear::operator*(), ipe::Matrix::operator*(), operator*(), operator*=(), operator+=(), operator-=(), operator==(), orthogonal(), ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle(), ipe::QPt(), ipe::Reference::Reference(), ipe::CanvasBase::refreshSurface(), ipe::PdfViewBase::refreshSurface(), ipe::Thumbnail::render(), ipe::Rect::right(), ipe::Text::saveAsXml(), ipe::Thumbnail::saveRender(), ipe::Shape::Shape(), ipe::Snap::simpleSnap(), ipe::Bezier::spiroSpline(), sqLen(), ipe::Text::Text(), ipe::Rect::topLeft(), ipe::TransformTool::TransformTool(), ipe::Painter::translate(), ipe::CanvasBase::userToDev(), ipe::PdfViewBase::userToDev(), Vector(), and ipe::Rect::width().

◆ y

double ipe::Vector::y

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