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Canvas Class Reference

#include <ipecanvas_cocoa.h>

Inherits ipe::CanvasBase.

Public Member Functions

 Canvas (IpeCanvasView *view)
virtual ~Canvas ()
IpeCanvasView * view ()
void button (bool press, NSEvent *event)
void mouseMove (NSEvent *event)
bool key (NSEvent *event)
void scrollWheel (NSEvent *event)
void magnify (NSEvent *event)
void drawRect (NSRect rect)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::CanvasBase
virtual ~CanvasBase ()
void setPage (const Page *page, int pno, int view, const Cascade *sheet)
void setResources (const PdfResources *resources)
Vector pan () const
double zoom () const
const Cascadecascade () const
Vector center () const
Vector pos () const
Vector unsnappedPos () const
Vector globalPos () const
Vector simpleSnapPos () const
const Snapsnap () const
void setInkMode (bool ink)
int additionalModifiers () const
void setAdditionalModifiers (int mod)
bool type3Font ()
Vector devToUser (const Vector &arg) const
Vector userToDev (const Vector &arg) const
void setCanvasStyle (const Style &style)
Style canvasStyle () const
void setPan (const Vector &v)
void setZoom (double zoom)
void setSnap (const Snap &s)
void setDimmed (bool dimmed)
void setAutoOrigin (const Vector &v)
Matrix canvasTfm () const
void setObserver (CanvasObserver *observer)
void setFifiVisible (bool visible)
void setSelectionVisible (bool visible)
void setTool (Tool *tool)
void finishTool ()
Tooltool ()
void update ()
void updateTool ()
int canvasWidth () const
int canvasHeight () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ipe::CanvasBase
enum  TModifiers {
  EShift = 0x100 , EControl = 0x200 , EAlt = 0x400 , EMeta = 0x800 ,
  ECommand = 0x1000
enum  TCursor { EStandardCursor , EHandCursor , ECrossCursor , EDotCursor }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ipe::CanvasBase
static int selectPageOrView (Document *doc, int page=-1, int startIndex=0, int pageWidth=240, int width=600, int height=480)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ipe::CanvasBase
 CanvasBase ()
void drawPaper (cairo_t *cc)
void drawFrame (cairo_t *cc)
void drawAxes (cairo_t *cc)
void drawGrid (cairo_t *cc)
void drawObjects (cairo_t *cc)
void drawTool (Painter &painter)
void snapToPaperAndFrame ()
void refreshSurface ()
void computeFifi (double x, double y)
void drawFifi (cairo_t *cr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ipe::CanvasBase
const PageiPage
int iPageNumber
int iView
const CascadeiCascade
Style iStyle
Vector iPan
double iZoom
Snap iSnap
bool iDimmed
bool iAutoSnap
Vector iAutoOrigin
int iAdditionalModifiers
bool isInkMode
bool iRepaintObjects
double iWidth
double iHeight
double iBWidth
double iBHeight
cairo_surface_t * iSurface
Vector iUnsnappedMousePos
Vector iMousePos
Vector iGlobalPos
Vector iOldFifi
bool iFifiVisible
Snap::TSnapModes iFifiMode
bool iSelectionVisible
const PdfResourcesiResources
std::unique_ptr< FontsiFonts
bool iType3Font

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Canvas()

Canvas::Canvas ( IpeCanvasView *  view)

◆ ~Canvas()

virtual Canvas::~Canvas ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ view()

IpeCanvasView* Canvas::view ( )

◆ button()

void Canvas::button ( bool  press,
NSEvent *  event 

◆ mouseMove()

void Canvas::mouseMove ( NSEvent *  event)

◆ key()

bool Canvas::key ( NSEvent *  event)

References ipe::CanvasBase::iTool, key(), and ipe::Tool::key().

Referenced by key().

◆ scrollWheel()

void Canvas::scrollWheel ( NSEvent *  event)

◆ magnify()

void Canvas::magnify ( NSEvent *  event)

◆ drawRect()

void Canvas::drawRect ( NSRect  rect)

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