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ipe::Angle Class Reference

#include <ipegeo.h>

Public Member Functions

 Angle ()
 Angle (double alpha)
 operator double () const
double degrees () const
Angle normalize (double lowlimit)
bool liesBetween (Angle small, Angle large) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Angle Degrees (double alpha)

Detailed Description

A double that's an angle.

An Angle is really nothing more than a double. Having a separate type is sometimes useful, for instance in the Vector constructor, and this class serves as the right place for a few utility functions. It also makes it clear whether a value is in radians or in degrees.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Angle() [1/2]

ipe::Angle::Angle ( )

Construct uninitialized angle.

Referenced by Degrees().

◆ Angle() [2/2]

ipe::Angle::Angle ( double  alpha)

Construct an angle (in radians).

Member Function Documentation

◆ Degrees()

static Angle ipe::Angle::Degrees ( double  alpha)

Construct an angle in degrees.

References Angle().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ operator double()

ipe::Angle::operator double ( ) const

Return value (in radians).

◆ degrees()

double Angle::degrees ( ) const

◆ normalize()

Angle Angle::normalize ( double  lowlimit)

Normalize the value to the range lowlimit .. lowlimit + 2 pi.

This Angle object is modified, a copy is returned.

Referenced by ipe::Painter::doDrawArc(), ipe::Snap::getLine(), and liesBetween().

◆ liesBetween()

bool Angle::liesBetween ( Angle  small,
Angle  large 
) const

When considering the positively oriented circle arc from angle small to large, does it cover this angle?

References normalize().

Referenced by ipe::Arc::bbox(), ipe::Arc::distance(), and ipe::Arc::intersect().

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