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ipe::SelectTool Class Reference

#include <ipetool.h>

Inherits ipe::Tool.


struct  SObj

Public Member Functions

 SelectTool (CanvasBase *canvas, Page *page, int view, double selectDistance, bool nonDestructive)
virtual void draw (Painter &painter) const
virtual void mouseButton (int button, bool press)
virtual void mouseMove ()
virtual bool key (String text, int modifiers)
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virtual ~Tool ()
virtual void snapVtx (const Vector &mouse, Vector &pos, double &bound, bool cp) const

Additional Inherited Members

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 Tool (CanvasBase *canvas)
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Detailed Description

A tool for selecting objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SelectTool()

SelectTool::SelectTool ( CanvasBase canvas,
Page page,
int  view,
double  selectDistance,
bool  nonDestructive 

Member Function Documentation

◆ draw()

void SelectTool::draw ( Painter painter) const

◆ mouseButton()

void SelectTool::mouseButton ( int  button,
bool  press 

◆ mouseMove()

void SelectTool::mouseMove ( )

Called when the mouse is moved on the canvas.

Reimplemented from ipe::Tool.

References ipe::Tool::iCanvas, ipe::CanvasBase::unsnappedPos(), and ipe::CanvasBase::updateTool().

◆ key()

bool SelectTool::key ( String  text,
int  modifiers 

Called when a key is pressed.

modifiers are as defined in CanvasBase::TModifiers.

Reimplemented from ipe::Tool.

References ipe::CanvasBase::finishTool(), ipe::Tool::iCanvas, and ipe::CanvasBase::updateTool().

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