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ipe::StyleSheet Class Reference

#include <ipestyle.h>


struct  PageNumberStyle
struct  TitleStyle

Public Member Functions

 StyleSheet ()
void addSymbol (Attribute name, const Symbol &symbol)
const SymbolfindSymbol (Attribute sym) const
void addGradient (Attribute name, const Gradient &s)
const GradientfindGradient (Attribute sym) const
void addTiling (Attribute name, const Tiling &s)
const TilingfindTiling (Attribute sym) const
void addEffect (Attribute name, const Effect &e)
const EffectfindEffect (Attribute sym) const
void add (Kind kind, Attribute name, Attribute value)
bool has (Kind kind, Attribute sym) const
Attribute find (Kind, Attribute sym) const
void remove (Kind kind, Attribute sym)
void saveAsXml (Stream &stream, bool saveBitmaps=false) const
void allNames (Kind kind, AttributeSeq &seq) const
bool isStandard () const
String preamble () const
void setPreamble (const String &str)
const Layoutlayout () const
void setLayout (const Layout &margins)
const TextPaddingtextPadding () const
void setTextPadding (const TextPadding &pad)
const TitleStyletitleStyle () const
void setTitleStyle (const TitleStyle &ts)
const PageNumberStylepageNumberStyle () const
void setPageNumberStyle (const PageNumberStyle &pns)
void setLineCap (TLineCap s)
void setLineJoin (TLineJoin s)
void setFillRule (TFillRule s)
TLineCap lineCap () const
TLineJoin lineJoin () const
TFillRule fillRule () const
String name () const
void setName (const String &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static StyleSheetstandard ()

Detailed Description

A style sheet maps symbolic names to absolute values.

Ipe documents can use symbolic attributes, such as 'normal', 'fat', or 'thin' for line thickness, or 'red', 'navy', 'turquoise' for color. The mapping to an absolute pen thickness or RGB value is performed by a StyleSheet.

Style sheets are always included when the document is saved, so that an Ipe document is self-contained.

The built-in standard style sheet is minimal, and only needed to provide sane fallbacks for all the "normal" settings.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StyleSheet()

StyleSheet::StyleSheet ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ standard()

StyleSheet * StyleSheet::standard ( )

◆ addSymbol()

void StyleSheet::addSymbol ( Attribute  name,
const Symbol symbol 

Add a symbol object.

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ findSymbol()

const Symbol * StyleSheet::findSymbol ( Attribute  attr) const

Find a symbol object with given name.

If attr is not symbolic or if the symbol doesn't exist, returns 0.

References ipe::Attribute::index(), and ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic().

◆ addGradient()

void StyleSheet::addGradient ( Attribute  name,
const Gradient s 

Add gradient to this style sheet.

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ findGradient()

const Gradient * StyleSheet::findGradient ( Attribute  sym) const

Find gradient in style sheet cascade.

References ipe::Attribute::index(), and ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic().

◆ addTiling()

void StyleSheet::addTiling ( Attribute  name,
const Tiling s 

Add tiling to this style sheet.

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ findTiling()

const Tiling * StyleSheet::findTiling ( Attribute  sym) const

Find tiling in style sheet cascade.

References ipe::Attribute::index(), and ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic().

◆ addEffect()

void StyleSheet::addEffect ( Attribute  name,
const Effect e 

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ findEffect()

const Effect * StyleSheet::findEffect ( Attribute  sym) const

◆ add()

void StyleSheet::add ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  name,
Attribute  value 

Add an attribute.

Does nothing if name is not symbolic.

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ has()

bool StyleSheet::has ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 
) const

Check whether symbolic attribute is defined.

This method also works for ESymbol, EGradient, ETiling, and EEffect.

Returns true if sym is not symbolic.

References ipe::EEffect, ipe::EGradient, ipe::ESymbol, ipe::ETiling, ipe::Attribute::index(), and ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic().

◆ find()

Attribute StyleSheet::find ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 
) const

Find a symbolic attribute.

If sym is not symbolic, returns sym itself. If sym cannot be found, returns the "undefined" attribute. In all other cases, the returned attribute is guaranteed to be absolute.

References ipe::Attribute::index(), ipe::Attribute::isSymbolic(), and ipe::Attribute::UNDEFINED().

◆ remove()

void StyleSheet::remove ( Kind  kind,
Attribute  sym 

Removes definition for a symbolic attribute from this stylesheet.

This method also works for ESymbol, EGradient, ETiling, and EEffect. It is okay if the symbolic attribute is not defined in the stylesheet, nothing happens in this case.

References ipe::EEffect, ipe::EGradient, ipe::ESymbol, ipe::ETiling, and ipe::Attribute::index().

◆ saveAsXml()

void StyleSheet::saveAsXml ( Stream stream,
bool  saveBitmaps = false 
) const

Save style sheet in XML format.

References ipe::Angle::degrees(), ipe::Gradient::EAxial, ipe::EDefaultCap, ipe::EDefaultJoin, ipe::EDefaultRule, ipe::EEvenOddRule, ipe::ELabelStyle, ipe::String::empty(), ipe::ETextStyle, ipe::ETransformationsRigidMotions, ipe::ETransformationsTranslations, ipe::EWindRule, ipe::String::find(), ipe::Repository::get(), ipe::Tiling::iAngle, ipe::BitmapFinder::iBitmaps, ipe::TextPadding::iBottom, ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iColor, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iColor, ipe::Layout::iCrop, ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iDefined, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iDefined, ipe::Effect::iDuration, ipe::Effect::iEffect, ipe::Gradient::iExtend, ipe::Layout::iFrameSize, ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iHorizontalAlignment, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iHorizontalAlignment, ipe::TextPadding::iLeft, ipe::Gradient::iMatrix, ipe::Layout::iOrigin, ipe::Layout::iPaperSize, ipe::Layout::iParagraphSkip, ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iPos, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iPos, ipe::Gradient::iRadius, ipe::TextPadding::iRight, ipe::Matrix::isIdentity(), ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iSize, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iSize, ipe::Layout::isNull(), ipe::Tiling::iStep, ipe::Gradient::iStops, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iText, ipe::TextPadding::iTop, ipe::Effect::iTransitionTime, ipe::Gradient::iType, ipe::Gradient::iV, ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iVerticalAlignment, ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iVerticalAlignment, ipe::Tiling::iWidth, ipe::kind_names, ipe::Bitmap::objNum(), ipe::Stream::putXmlString(), ipe::Text::saveAlignment(), ipe::Bitmap::saveAsXml(), ipe::size(), ipe::Attribute::string(), ipe::String::substr(), and ipe::Repository::toString().

◆ allNames()

void StyleSheet::allNames ( Kind  kind,
AttributeSeq seq 
) const

Return all symbolic names in the style sheet cascade.

Names are simply appended from top to bottom of the cascade. Names are inserted only once.

References ipe::EEffect, ipe::EGradient, ipe::ESymbol, and ipe::ETiling.

◆ isStandard()

bool ipe::StyleSheet::isStandard ( ) const

Return whether this is the standard style sheet built into Ipe.

◆ preamble()

String ipe::StyleSheet::preamble ( ) const

Return Latex preamble.

◆ setPreamble()

void ipe::StyleSheet::setPreamble ( const String str)

Set LaTeX preamble.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ layout()

const Layout * StyleSheet::layout ( ) const

Return page layout (or 0 if none defined).

References ipe::Layout::isNull().

Referenced by setLayout().

◆ setLayout()

void StyleSheet::setLayout ( const Layout margins)

Set page layout.

References layout().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ textPadding()

const TextPadding * StyleSheet::textPadding ( ) const

Return text object padding (for bbox computation).

References ipe::TextPadding::iLeft.

◆ setTextPadding()

void StyleSheet::setTextPadding ( const TextPadding pad)

Set padding for text object bbox computation.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ titleStyle()

const StyleSheet::TitleStyle * StyleSheet::titleStyle ( ) const

Return title style (or 0 if none defined).

References ipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyle::iDefined.

◆ setTitleStyle()

void StyleSheet::setTitleStyle ( const TitleStyle ts)

Set style of page titles.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ pageNumberStyle()

const StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle * StyleSheet::pageNumberStyle ( ) const

Return page number style.

References ipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyle::iDefined.

◆ setPageNumberStyle()

void StyleSheet::setPageNumberStyle ( const PageNumberStyle pns)

Set style of page numbering.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ setLineCap()

void StyleSheet::setLineCap ( TLineCap  s)

Set line cap.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ setLineJoin()

void StyleSheet::setLineJoin ( TLineJoin  s)

Set line join.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ setFillRule()

void StyleSheet::setFillRule ( TFillRule  s)

Set fill rule.

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

◆ lineCap()

TLineCap ipe::StyleSheet::lineCap ( ) const

Return line cap.

◆ lineJoin()

TLineJoin ipe::StyleSheet::lineJoin ( ) const

Return line join.

◆ fillRule()

TFillRule ipe::StyleSheet::fillRule ( ) const

Return path fill rule.

◆ name()

String ipe::StyleSheet::name ( ) const

Return name of style sheet.

Referenced by add(), addEffect(), addGradient(), addSymbol(), addTiling(), and setName().

◆ setName()

void ipe::StyleSheet::setName ( const String name)

Set name of style sheet.

References name().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

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