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ipe::Platform Class Reference

#include <ipebase.h>

Public Types

using DebugHandler = void(*)(const char *)

Static Public Member Functions

static FILE * fopen (const char *fname, const char *mode)
static String ipeDrive ()
static int libVersion ()
static void initLib (int version)
static void setDebug (bool debug)
static String currentDirectory ()
static String latexDirectory ()
static String latexPath ()
static bool fileExists (String fname)
static bool listDirectory (String path, std::vector< String > &files)
static String realPath (String fname)
static String readFile (String fname)
static int runLatex (String dir, LatexType engine, String docname) noexcept
static double toDouble (String s)
static int toNumber (String s, int &iValue, double &dValue)
static String spiroVersion ()
static String gslVersion ()

Detailed Description

Platform dependent methods.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ DebugHandler

using ipe::Platform::DebugHandler = void (*)(const char *)

Member Function Documentation

◆ fopen()

static FILE* ipe::Platform::fopen ( const char *  fname,
const char *  mode 

◆ ipeDrive()

String Platform::ipeDrive ( )

Returns drive on which Ipe executable exists.

On Linux and OSX, returns empty string.

References ipe::String::left(), and ipe::String::size().

Referenced by latexDirectory(), and latexPath().

◆ libVersion()

int Platform::libVersion ( )

Return the Ipelib version.

This is available as a function so that one can verify what version of Ipelib one has actually linked with (as opposed to the header files used during compilation).

References ipe::IPELIB_VERSION.

◆ initLib()

void Platform::initLib ( int  version)

Initialize Ipelib.

This method must be called before Ipelib is used.

It creates a LC_NUMERIC locale set to 'C', which is necessary for correct loading and saving of Ipe objects. The method also checks that the correct version of Ipelib is loaded, and aborts with an error message if the version is not correct. Also enables ipeDebug messages if environment variable IPEDEBUG is defined. (You can override this using setDebug).

References ipe::IPELIB_VERSION.

◆ setDebug()

void Platform::setDebug ( bool  debug)

Enable or disable display of ipeDebug messages.

◆ currentDirectory()

String Platform::currentDirectory ( )

Returns current working directory.

Returns empty string if something fails.

◆ latexDirectory()

String Platform::latexDirectory ( )

Returns directory for running Latex.

The directory is created if it does not exist. Returns an empty string if the directory cannot be found or cannot be created. The directory returned ends in the path separator.

References fileExists(), ipeDrive(), ipe::String::left(), ipe::String::right(), ipe::String::size(), ipe::String::substr(), and ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Document::runLatexAsync().

◆ latexPath()

String Platform::latexPath ( )

Return path for the directory containing pdflatex and xelatex.

If empty means look on PATH.

References ipeDrive(), ipe::String::left(), and ipe::String::substr().

◆ fileExists()

bool Platform::fileExists ( String  fname)

Determine whether file exists.

References ipe::String::data(), and ipe::String::z().

Referenced by latexDirectory().

◆ listDirectory()

bool Platform::listDirectory ( String  path,
std::vector< String > &  files 

List all files in directory.

Return true if successful, false on error.

References ipe::String::data(), and ipe::String::z().

◆ realPath()

String Platform::realPath ( String  fname)

Convert relative filename to absolute.

This also works when the filename does not exist, or at least it tries.

References ipe::String::data(), ipe::String::left(), and ipe::String::z().

◆ readFile()

String Platform::readFile ( String  fname)

Read entire file into string.

Returns an empty string if file cannot be found or read. There is no way to distinguish an empty file from this.

References ipe::String::append(), fopen(), and ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Bitmap::readJpeg(), runLatex(), and ipe::Document::runLatexAsync().

◆ runLatex()

int Platform::runLatex ( String  dir,
LatexType  engine,
String  docname 

Runs latex on file ipetemp.tex in given directory.

directory of docname is added to TEXINPUTS if its non-empty.

References ipe::String::data(), ipe::String::empty(), fopen(), ipe::IPESEP, ipe::String::left(), ipe::Luatex, readFile(), ipe::String::size(), ipe::String::substr(), ipe::Xetex, and ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Document::runLatexAsync().

◆ toDouble()

double Platform::toDouble ( String  s)

◆ toNumber()

int Platform::toNumber ( String  s,
int &  iValue,
double &  dValue 

References ipe::String::z().

◆ spiroVersion()

String Platform::spiroVersion ( )

◆ gslVersion()

String Platform::gslVersion ( )

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