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8 Presentations

An Ipe presentation is an Ipe PDF document that is presented using a PDF viewer and a video projector. Ipe has a number of features that make it easier to make such presentations.

Ipe comes with the presentation tool IpePresenter. It shows the current slide in one window (which you can make full screen on the external display), while showing the current slide, the next slide, notes for the current page, as well as a timer on your own display. IpePresenter not only works for Ipe presentations, but also for presentations made with beamer. It easily fits on and runs from a USB-stick, and does not require Latex on the computer where you give the presentation.

The following sections explain Ipe features that are useful for making presentations.

Ipe comes with a somewhat basic style sheet presentation.isy for making presentations. For a more sophisticated presentation style sheet, have a look at Jens' webpage.