12.6 Ipescript: running Ipe scripts12 The command line programs12.4 Ipeextract: extract XML stream from Ipe file12.5 Ipe6upgrade: convert Ipe 6 files to Ipe 7 file format

12.5 Ipe6upgrade: convert Ipe 6 files to Ipe 7 file format

Ipe6upgrade takes as input a file created by any version of Ipe 6, and saves in the format of Ipe 7.0.0.

ipe6upgrade infile [ outfile ]
If not provided, the outfile is guessed by adding the extension "ipe" to the infile's basename.

To reuse an Ipe 6 document in EPS or PDF format, you first run "ipeextract", which extracts the XML stream inside the document and saves it as an XML file. The Ipe 6 XML document can then be converted to Ipe 7 format using "ipe6upgrade".

If your old figure is figure.pdf, then the command

ipeextract figure.pdf
will save the XML stream as figure.xml. Then run
ipe6upgrade figure.xml
which will save your document in Ipe 7 format as figure.ipe. All contents of the original document should have been preserved.