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9.8 Running Ipe under Wine on Linux

Ipe itself works fine under Wine, but there is an issue: We don't want to create a new tex installation for Windows under Wine, we want to reuse the Linux tex installation!

So first we need to make the pdflatex program available to Wine, by putting a symbolic link in the simulated C: drive.

$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/
$ ln -s /usr/bin/pdflatex pdflatex.exe

The second problem is that Ipe is not able to wait for the completion of the pdflatex call—it starts pdflatex, and then immediately tries to read the pdflatex output, which of course fails. The solution is to make Ipe wait for a specified number of milliseconds before trying to read the pdflatex output.

You achieve this by creating a small text file called ipe.conf and placing it in the top-level Ipe directory (that is, the directory that contains readme.txt and gpl.txt). The contents of the file should be:


(You can define any other environment variable in the same file.)