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9.1 Multiple figures in one Ipe document

When writing an article in Latex, you can store all the figures in a single Ipe document, by placing each figure on its own page. In Latex, each figure can then be included by saying, for instance,

to include the figure on page 7 of the Ipe document figs.pdf.

To avoid having to remember which figure is on which page (and having to renumber all figures when you insert or delete a figure), you can give names to the pages (figures) in your Ipe document, using Edit title & sections in the Pages menu. Enter the name in the Section field, using only letters.

Then, run the page-labels script on your document, as follows:

$ ipescript page-labels figs.pdf
This reads the document figs.pdf and writes a new file figsLabels.tex.

In your Latex document, include this file in the preamble:


You can now include a figure using its symbolic name, like this:

where XXX is the symbolic name of the figure.

Whenever you add or delete a figure to the document, just run the page-labels script again, and your symbolic names will remain up to date.