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8.7 Ipe on a USB-stick

To prepare a USB-stick from which you can run Ipe without installing anything to a Windows computer, you first need to install texlive. Download install-tl-windows.exe and run it, selecting the option for Custom install. When the full installer starts, change Portable setup to Yes, and change the TEXDIR directory to X:\texlive, where X is the drive letter of the USB-stick. You can also decrease the size of your installation by unselecting unnecessary packages and languages.

Installing texlive will take quite a while. When it is done, unzip the Ipe package for Windows onto the root of the USB-stick. You should have the Ipe binary in X:\ipe-7.x.y\bin\ipe.exe.

Now create a directory X:\latexrun (it will be used by Ipe to run Latex).

Finally, you need to create a small configuration file as X:\ipe-7.x.y\ipe.conf. The contents of the file should be:


It should now work to run Ipe from the USB-stick, whenever you plug it into a Windows computer.