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8.3 Troubleshooting the LaTeX-conversion

Ipe converts text objects from their Latex source representation to a representation that can be rendered and included in Postscript and PDF by creating a Latex source file and running Pdflatex. This happens in a dedicated directory, which Ipe creates the first time it is used. The Latex source and output files are left in that directory and not deleted even when you close Ipe, to make it easy to solve problems with the Latex conversion process.

You can determine the directory used by Ipe using Show configuration in the Help menu. If you'd prefer to use a different directory, set the environment variable IPELATEXDIR before starting Ipe.

If Ipe fails to translate your text objects, and you cannot find the problem by looking at the log file displayed by Ipe (or Ipe doesn't even display the log file), you can terminate Ipe, go to the conversion directory, and run Pdflatex manually:

pdflatex ipetemp.tex