7.3 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean7 Documents with text that is not in English7.1 Pdflatex for latin and cyrillic scripts7.2 Using Xetex

7.2 Using Xetex

If you set the LaTeX engine to xetex (you set this in the Document properties dialog, available on the Edit menu), then Ipe will use Xelatex to convert your text objects to PDF. Xetex supports Unicode natively, and will give you access to many scalable fonts on your system.

For instance, to use Thai in your Ipe document, it suffices to set the Latex engine to xetex, and to select a Thai font in the preamble:

(On a Unix-system, you can determine which fonts on your system support Thai by saying fc-list :lang=th on the command line.)

Unfortunately, running Xetex is significantly slower than Pdflatex, so you may want to turn off the automatic running of LaTeX in the File menu.

If your script uses right-to-left writing, you will need some more effort.