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4.3 Image objects

Images are inserted using Insert image (in the File menu). Once in a drawing, you can scale, stretch, shear, and rotate an image. You can read in some scanned drawing and draw on top of it within Ipe. This is useful if you have a drawing on paper and want to make an Ipe version of it.

Insert image can handle images in JPEG and PNG format (and possibly others such as GIF, BMP, TIFF, depending on the operating system). JPEG images are stored as is (PDF supports the JPEG standard), all other images are stored as a (compressed) bitmap, with full-color resolution (24 bits per pixel).

It is also possible to simply paste an image into Ipe (this should not be used for JPEG images, as you would then store the bitmap without JPEG compression).

Images are stored efficiently in PDF format. It is reasonable to create PDF presentations with lots of JPEG photographs in Ipe.