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3.11 Mouse shortcuts

For the beginner, choosing a selection or transformation mode and working with the left mouse button is easiest. Frequent Ipe users don't mind to remember the following shortcuts, as they allow you to perform selections and transformations without leaving the current mode:

Left Mouse Right mouse
Plain (*) context menu
Shift (*) pan
Ctrl select stretch
Ctrl+Shift select non-destructively scale
Alt translate rotate
Alt+Shift translate horizontal/vertical rotate

The fields marked (*) depend on the current mode.

The middle mouse button always pans the canvas. The right mouse button brings up the object context menu.

If you have to use Ipe with a two-button mouse, where you would normally use the middle mouse button (for instance, to move a vertex when editing a path object), you can hold the Shift-key and use the right mouse button.

If you are not happy with these shortcuts, they can be changed easily.