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3.8 Zoom and pan

You can zoom in and out the current drawing using a mouse wheel or the zoom functions. The minimum and maximum resolution can be customized. Ipe displays the current resolution at the bottom right (behind the mouse coordinates).

Related are the functions Normal size (which sets the resolution to 72 pixels per inch), Fit page (which chooses the resolution so that the current page fills the canvas), Fit objects (which chooses the resolution such that the objects on the page fill the screen), and Fit selection (which does the same for the selected objects only). All of these are in the Zoom menu.

You can pan the drawing either with the mouse in Pan mode, or by pressing the "x" key ("here") with the mouse anywhere on the canvas. The drawing is then panned such that the cursor position is moved to the center of the canvas. This shortcut has the advantage that it also works while you are in the middle of any drawing operation. Since the same holds for the zoom in and zoom out buttons and keys, you can home in on any feature of your drawing while you are adding or editing another object.