Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cipe::AllAttributesCollection of all object attributes
 Cipe::AngleA double that's an angle
 Cipe::ArcAn arc of an ellipse
 Cipe::AttributeAn attribute of an Ipe Object
 Cipe::BezierA cubic Bezier spline
 Cipe::BitmapA bitmap
 Cipe::BufferA memory buffer
 Cipe::CascadeA cascade of style sheets
 Cipe::ColorAn absolute RGB color
 Cipe::CurveSegmentA segment on an SubPath
 Cipe::DataSourceInterface for getting data for parsing
 Cipe::DocumentThe model for an Ipe document
 Cipe::EffectEffect that Acrobat Reader will show on page change
 Cipe::FaceA typeface (aka font), actually loaded (from a font file or PDF file)
 Cipe::FixedFixed point number with three (decimal) fractional digits
 Cipe::FontsProvides the fonts used to render text
 Cipe::GradientA gradient pattern
 Cipe::IpeletAbstract base class for Ipelets
 Cipe::IpeletDataInformation provided to an ipelet when it is run
 Cipe::IpeletHelperService provider for Ipelets
 Cipe::LatexObject that converts latex source to PDF format
 Cipe::LayoutLayout of a Page
 Cipe::LexLexical analyser. Seeded with a string
 Cipe::LineA directed line
 Cipe::LinearLinear transformation in the plane (2x2 matrix)
 Cipe::MatrixHomogeneous transformation in the plane
 Cipe::ObjectBase class for all Ipe objects, composite or leaf
 Cipe::ObjectFactoryFactory for Ipe leaf objects
 Cipe::PageAn Ipe document page
 Cipe::StyleSheet::PageNumberStyleHow to show page numbers on the paper
 Cipe::PainterInterface for drawing
 Cipe::PdfFileAll information obtained by parsing a PDF file
 Cipe::PdfObjAbstract base class for PDF objects
 Cipe::PdfParserPDF parser
 Cipe::PdfResourceBaseBase class providing access to PDF objects
 Cipe::PdfTokenA PDF lexical token
 Cipe::PdfViewBaseA widget (control) that displays a PDF document
 Cipe::PdfWriterCreate PDF file
 Cipe::PlatformPlatform dependent methods
 Cipe::RectAxis-parallel rectangle (which can be empty)
 Cipe::RepositoryRepository of strings
 Cipe::SaveFlagFlags for saving Ipe documents (to PDF)
 Cipe::SegmentA directed line segment
 Cipe::ShapeA geometric shape, consisting of several (open or closed) subpaths
 Cipe::SnapPerforms snapping operations, and stores snapping state
 Cipe::Document::SPropertiesProperties of a document
 Cipe::Gradient::StopA color stop
 Cipe::StreamAbstract base class for output streams
 Cipe::StringStrings and buffers
 Cipe::StyleSheetA style sheet maps symbolic names to absolute values
 Cipe::SubPathA subpath of a Path
 Cipe::SymbolA symbol is a named object defined in an ipe::StyleSheet
 Cipe::TextPaddingPadding for text bounding box
 Cipe::TilingA tiling pattern
 Cipe::StyleSheet::TitleStyleStyle of the title on a page
 Cipe::ToolAbstract base class for various canvas tools
 Cipe::VectorTwo-dimensional vector
 Cipe::VisitorBase class for visitors to Object
 Cipe::XmlAttributesStores attributes of an XML tag
 Cipe::XmlParserBase class for XML stream parsing