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ipe::Lex Class Reference

#include <ipebase.h>

Public Member Functions

 Lex (String str)
String token ()
String nextToken ()
int getInt ()
int getHexByte ()
Fixed getFixed ()
unsigned long int getHexNumber ()
double getDouble ()
char getChar ()
void skipWhitespace ()
Lexoperator>> (int &i)
Lexoperator>> (double &d)
Lexoperator>> (Fixed &d)
void mark ()
void fromMark ()
bool eos () const

Detailed Description

Lexical analyser. Seeded with a string.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lex::Lex ( String  str)

Construct lexical analyzer from a string.

Referenced by ipe::Fixed::operator<<().

Member Function Documentation

String Lex::token ( )

Return NextToken, but without extracting it.

Referenced by ipe::Shape::load().

String Lex::nextToken ( )

Extract next token.

Skips any whitespace before the token. Returns empty string if end of string is reached.

Referenced by ipe::Shape::load(), and ipe::ImlParser::parsePage().

int Lex::getInt ( )

Extract integer token (skipping whitespace).

References ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Bitmap::Bitmap(), ipe::ImlParser::parseBitmap(), ipe::ImlParser::parseObject(), and ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle().

int Lex::getHexByte ( )

Extract byte in hex (skipping whitespace).

Referenced by ipe::Bitmap::Bitmap(), and ipe::PdfString::decode().

Fixed Lex::getFixed ( )

Extract Fixed token (skipping whitespace).

References ipe::Fixed::fromInternal(), ipe::String::size(), ipe::String::substr(), and ipe::String::z().

unsigned long int Lex::getHexNumber ( )

Extract hexadecimal token (skipping whitespace).

References ipe::String::z().

Referenced by ipe::Bitmap::Bitmap().

double Lex::getDouble ( )

Extract double token (skipping whitespace).

References ipe::Platform::toDouble().

Referenced by ipe::ImlParser::parseStyle(), and ipe::Text::Text().

char ipe::Lex::getChar ( )

Extract next character (not skipping anything).

void Lex::skipWhitespace ( )

Skip over whitespace.

References ipe::Buffer::Buffer(), and ipe::String::size().

Referenced by ipe::Shape::load(), and ipe::ImlParser::parsePage().

Lex& ipe::Lex::operator>> ( int &  i)

Operator syntax for getInt().

Lex& ipe::Lex::operator>> ( double &  d)

Operator syntax for getDouble().

Lex& ipe::Lex::operator>> ( Fixed d)

Operator syntax for getFixed().

void ipe::Lex::mark ( )

Mark the current position.

void ipe::Lex::fromMark ( )

Reset reader to the marked position.

bool ipe::Lex::eos ( ) const

Return true if at end of string (not even whitespace left).

Referenced by ipe::Color::Color(), ipe::PdfString::decode(), ipe::Shape::load(), and ipe::ImlParser::parsePage().

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