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ipe::CurveSegment Class Reference

#include <ipeshape.h>

Public Types

enum  Type { EArc, ESegment, ESpline, EOldSpline }

Public Member Functions

Type type () const
int countCP () const
Vector cp (int i) const
Vector last () const
Matrix matrix () const
Arc arc () const
void beziers (std::vector< Bezier > &bez) const
void draw (Painter &painter) const
void addToBBox (Rect &box, const Matrix &m, bool cp) const
double distance (const Vector &v, const Matrix &m, double bound) const
void snapVtx (const Vector &mouse, const Matrix &m, Vector &pos, double &bound, bool cp) const
void snapBnd (const Vector &mouse, const Matrix &m, Vector &pos, double &bound) const


class Curve

Detailed Description

A segment on an SubPath.

A segment is either an elliptic arc, a straight segment, or a B-spline curve, depending on its type(). This is a lightweight object, created on the fly by Curve::segment(). There is no public constructor, so the only way to create such an object is through that method.

The type() is one of the following:

Member Enumeration Documentation


Member Function Documentation

Type ipe::CurveSegment::type ( ) const

Type of segment.

Referenced by ipe::Path::clone(), ipe::Shape::isSegment(), and matrix().

int ipe::CurveSegment::countCP ( ) const

Number of control points.

Referenced by ipe::Path::clone().

Vector ipe::CurveSegment::cp ( int  i) const

Return control point.

Referenced by ipe::Path::clone(), ipe::Curve::closed(), matrix(), and ipe::Ellipse::matrix().

Vector ipe::CurveSegment::last ( ) const

Return last control point.

Referenced by ipe::Path::clone().

Matrix ipe::CurveSegment::matrix ( ) const
Arc CurveSegment::arc ( ) const

Return segment as Arc.

Panics if segment is not an arc.

Referenced by matrix().

void CurveSegment::beziers ( std::vector< Bezier > &  bez) const

Convert B-spline to a sequence of Bezier splines.

References ipe::Bezier::oldSpline(), and ipe::Bezier::spline().

Referenced by matrix().

void CurveSegment::draw ( Painter painter) const

Draw the segment.

Current position of the painter is already on first control point.

References ipe::Painter::curveTo(), ipe::Painter::drawArc(), and ipe::Painter::lineTo().

Referenced by ipe::Curve::closed(), matrix(), ipe::Ellipse::matrix(), and ipe::Shape::subPath().

void CurveSegment::addToBBox ( Rect box,
const Matrix m,
bool  cpf 
) const

Add segment to bounding box.

Does not assume that first control point has already been added.

If cpf is true, then control points of splines, Bezier curves, and the center of arcs are included in the bbox (so that snapping can find them). Otherwise, a tight bounding box for the geometric object itself is computed.

References ipe::Rect::addPoint(), and ipe::Rect::addRect().

Referenced by ipe::Curve::closed(), matrix(), and ipe::Ellipse::matrix().

double CurveSegment::distance ( const Vector v,
const Matrix m,
double  bound 
) const

Return distance to the segment.

References ipe::Segment::distance().

Referenced by ipe::Curve::closed(), matrix(), and ipe::Ellipse::matrix().

void CurveSegment::snapVtx ( const Vector mouse,
const Matrix m,
Vector pos,
double &  bound,
bool  ctl 
) const

Snap to vertex of the segment.

The method assumes that the first control point has already been tested.

References ipe::CanvasBase::pos().

Referenced by ipe::Curve::closed(), matrix(), and ipe::Ellipse::matrix().

void CurveSegment::snapBnd ( const Vector mouse,
const Matrix m,
Vector pos,
double &  bound 
) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Curve

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