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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CA85SourceFilter source adding ASCII85 decoding
 CA85StreamFilter stream adding ASCII85 encoding
 CAllAttributesCollection of all object attributes
 CAngleA double that's an angle
 CArcAn arc of an ellipse
 CAttributeAn attribute of an Ipe Object
 CBase64SourceFilter source adding Base64 decoding
 CBase64StreamFilter stream adding Base64 encoding
 CBBoxPainterPaint objects using this painter to compute an accurate bounding box
 CBezierA cubic Bezier spline
 CBitmapA bitmap
 CBitmapFinderA visitor that recursively scans objects and collects all bitmaps
 CBufferA memory buffer
 CBufferSourceData source for parsing from a buffer
 CCairoPainterIpe Painter using Cairo and Freetype as a backend
 CCanvasA widget (control) that displays an Ipe document page
 CCascadeA cascade of style sheets
 CClosedSplineA closed B-spline curve
 CColorAn absolute RGB color
 CCurveSubpath consisting of a sequence of CurveSegment's
 CCurveSegmentA segment on an SubPath
 CDataSourceInterface for getting data for parsing
 CDeflateStreamFilter stream adding flate compression
 CDocumentThe model for an Ipe document
 CEffectEffect that Acrobat Reader will show on page change
 CEllipseAn ellipse subpath
 CFaceA typeface (aka font), actually loaded (from a font file or PDF file)
 CFileSourceData source for parsing from a file
 CFileStreamStream writing into an open file
 CFixedFixed point number with three (decimal) fractional digits
 CFontsProvides the fonts used to render text
 CGradientA gradient pattern
 CGroupThe group object
 CImageThe image object
 CImlParserXML Parser for Ipe documents and style sheets
 CInflateSourceFilter source adding flate decompression
 CIpeletAbstract base class for Ipelets
 CIpeletDataInformation provided to an ipelet when it is run
 CIpeletHelperService provider for Ipelets
 CLatexObject that converts latex source to PDF format
 CLayoutLayout of a Page
 CLexLexical analyser. Seeded with a string
 CLineA directed line
 CLinearLinear transformation in the plane (2x2 matrix)
 CMatrixHomogeneous transformation in the plane
 CObjectBase class for all Ipe objects, composite or leaf
 CObjectFactoryFactory for Ipe leaf objects
 CPageAn Ipe document page
 CPageSelectorA Qt widget that displays a list of Ipe pages
 CPainterInterface for drawing
 CPanToolA tool for panning the canvas
 CPathThe path object (polylines, polygons, and generalizations)
 CPdfArrayThe PDF array object
 CPdfBoolThe PDF bool object
 CPdfDictThe PDF dictionary and stream objects
 CPdfFileAll information obtained by parsing a PDF file
 CPdfNameThe PDF name object
 CPdfNullThe PDF null object
 CPdfNumberThe PDF number object
 CPdfObjAbstract base class for PDF objects
 CPdfParserPDF parser
 CPdfRefThe PDF reference object (indirect object)
 CPdfResourcesAll the resources needed by the text objects in the document
 CPdfStringThe PDF string object
 CPdfTokenA PDF lexical token
 CPdfWriterCreate PDF file
 CPlatformPlatform dependent methods
 CRectAxis-parallel rectangle (which can be empty)
 CReferenceThe reference object
 CRepositoryRepository of strings
 CSegmentA directed line segment
 CSelectToolA tool for selecting objects
 CShapeA geometric shape, consisting of several (open or closed) subpaths
 CSnapPerforms snapping operations, and stores snapping state
 CStreamAbstract base class for output streams
 CStringStrings and buffers
 CStringStreamStream writing into an String
 CStyleSheetA style sheet maps symbolic names to absolute values
 CSubPathA subpath of a Path
 CSymbolA symbol is a named object defined in an ipe::StyleSheet
 CTellStreamAdds position feedback to IpeStream
 CTextThe text object
 CTextPaddingPadding for text bounding box
 CTilingA tiling pattern
 CToolAbstract base class for various canvas tools
 CTransformToolA tool for transforming the selected objects on the canvas
 CVectorTwo-dimensional vector
 CVisitorBase class for visitors to Object
 CXmlAttributesStores attributes of an XML tag
 CXmlParserBase class for XML stream parsing